Convert Factory  is a open source application, develop by WPF technology and under .Net 4.5 Framework, aim for converting large data, such as finding and replacing string, downloading from web, sending emails, post data to web etc.


Why I create Convert Factory?

Before create this project, I have met lots of problem, such as finding and replacing text, getting all email addresses or phone numbers from webpage, downloading image, etc. Each time I created a new application, took a while time to write code. Some problem were really similar, and logical, so I created Convert Factory, set up twenties plug-ins, each solve one part of essential problem, by making up the different plug-ins, I could solve much complicated problems which I have mentioned above without programming.

Another reason of creating this project, is learning WPF technology. Now I find WPF is one of my favorite program technology.


What does Convert Factory have?

Convert Factory has twenties plug-in which provide a set of fundamental functionality including:

  • Download files, images, html content
  • Find and replace text with regex partern
  • Generate sequence
  • Split text to array; order, remove douplicates
  • Read and save file, change all file's names or extensions from selected directory
  • Sending Email by SMTP server
  • encript and decript the string
  • etc


Who should use Convert Factory?

  • Programmer: They always face the problem like converting large text data, compressing text to one line, ordering array, finding and replacing text, get all of the folders or files and rename them;
  • Laboratory scientists: They always face that research data could not be used by another program
  • Internet practitioner: They need finding emails from webpage, sending email, transferring news to their blogs, ...
  • Maybe everyone ^_^


What knowledge you need to use Convert Factory?

The knowledge you need know depend what plug-in you are using. Convert Factory is really not easy to use for non-programmers, it's a little hard to understand the flow process of converting. Once understood how to use it, you will find it's very helpful and useful, especially for large data converting. What you need to do is just open your mind, select one or more plug-in and make it up to a convert plug-in list, to accomplish your target. You can also save your selected plug-ins list  to a template, so the others could use it directly.

  • Regex is optionally required if you find and replace text, or split string to array;
  • Basic web page knowledge required if you want to download image or page;
  • SMTP address required if you want to send email;
  • HyperText Transfer Protocol is required if you want to post date to web
  • Basic computer programming ability is advised to understand well the convert processing;
  • Nothing you need to know if you already have a convert template.

To get tutorial and plug-in's help visit HERE.


For programmer

There are 3 languages of interface, English, French and Chinese, in the Source code, the default language is French, you can change the order of the language list in App.xaml page, the bottom is default language.

       <ResourceDictionary Source="Assets\Style.xaml"/>
       <ResourceDictionary Source="Assets\Lang\StringResource.zh.xaml" />
       <ResourceDictionary Source="Assets\Lang\StringResource.en.xaml" />
       <ResourceDictionary Source="Assets\Lang\" />


Example of convert template:

I give several examples of convert template here, you can download and take a try. They could help you understanding well how Convert Factory works and what it can do. All of examples are set up by different plug-ins to accomplish different targets.

Example 1: Find email from text: (Download)

Input Content: Send mail to or please.

Example 2: Insert number "1" to the start of every line:(Download)

Input: aaaa
Output: 1aaaa

Example 3: Remove style, class and id tags from html code, then compress it to one line:(Download)


<div id="UpdateProgressPanel" class="loading_animation" style="display:none;">                <div class="row">                    <h2 class="anim_h2">                        <span id="UpdateProgressText">Updating...</span>                        <span id="animatedLoadingIconContainer">                            <img id="animatedLoadingIcon" src="" class="anim_img"/>                        </span>                    </h2>                </div>            </div><div id="UpdateProgressPanel" class="loading_animation" style="display:none;"> <div class="row"> <h2 class="anim_h2"> <span id="UpdateProgressText">Updating...</span> <span id="animatedLoadingIconContainer"> <img id="animatedLoadingIcon" src="" class="anim_img"/> </span> </h2> </div> </div> 

Output: <div><div ><h2 >Updating...<img src="" /></h2></div></div> 

Example 4: Find images from web and format images with html code, so it can be published on your blog easily. (Download)

Output:  (Formatted Html code with GIF images and image titles, you can copy it and paste to your blog)

Example 5: Revert position of array (Download)

Input: 1 2
3 4
5 6 
Output:  2 1
4 3
6 5 

Example 6: Download all GIF images from a webpage and save them to your disk (Download)


(Download all gif images to directory what you have selected)

You can get more convert templates HERE.

Last words:

I am not a English or French speaking person, I have tried my best to write a understandable expression here. Convert Factory has a lot of words that are not exact or difficult to understand, you can help me to correct it through publishing a advise here, you are also welcomed to join this project.

To get Chinese information visit: 中文介绍(

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